i’m finally afraid of dying so that’s both positive and negative

why did i have to leave la why 

I love la it’s so nice and sunny and pretty and the weather is nice and theres good food and everybody’s happy and nice and there’s hot guys and I’m actually so happy

sandwiches are an art form

i once had a dream of a sunless coast
where the dead walked in ceaseless imitation of their former lives
when i asked them why they did this
they stared blankly at me 

"because it’s what we always did"
they said to me
"before time sliced our forms into ribbons 
to melt away into the ground”

"we baked and potted and farmed
our masons cut stone 
our world goes on much as it did then”

it soothed me, i think, to know
that when i am gone from this earth
i’ll be the same again

idk why my dad thinks it’s a punishment to have me eat dinner later than everyone else like it’s a reward i enjoy not having to talk to my family 

I’m feeling a lot better today


I thought I found a rly cute boy but nope he’s got someone fuck this shit I hate everything

my iPhone is trying to cheer me up and it’s totally working